Benefits of Using the P+® X-ray QA Test Phantom

For the Imaging Technologist:

Expose the P+ test phantom at the beginning of the day before the first patient is x-rayed. Use your x-ray techniques for the 23cm AP/LS spine exam and simply view the image. When you see the objects in the phantom image that you expect to see, you will have the confidence that the equipment is working correctly and will not cause unnecessary ionizing radiation exposure from diagnostic x-ray to your patients. Use the P+ test phantom to compare your imaging system radiation dose with the National Average NEXT value. Plus, our X-ray phantoms are easy to use and for documenting results.

  • Document ALARA with the P+ Xray Test Phantom easily and quickly.
  • Optimize Image Quality and radiation dose to your patients.
  • Compare your imaging system to a National Database (NEXT)
  • Prove your imaging system is safe to use prior to exposing patients.
  • Tell your patients you are doing it for them and their children.

For the Physician:

Best practices for radiation safety in digital and film-screen imaging are assured with P+® X-ray QA Test Phantom. Owning and using P+® provides your practice with a radiology quality assurance test tool that proves your properly calibrated imaging system is performing at its best. You are assured of getting the best quality imaging your system can provide to aid in your patient evaluations. Your patients deserve this simple method of preventing unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation. Using a radiology phantom or x-ray QA test phantom represents an investment in safe, quality imaging.