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Thank you for your inquiry about the P+© x-ray quality assurance test phantom.

  • The P+© phantom is the best device on the market for providing a simple 5 minute test to your imaging system from the day it was placed into service to any time in between.
  • P+© will give you an Image Quality Score and allow you to compare your x-ray machine radiation dose to the National Average (US). (NEXT)
  • P+© is equivalent to 23cm of water and contains image details embedded in the center for image quality scoring, similar to the method used in mammography and C.T.
  • Presently, the National Average ( ) for the 23cm AP Abdomen exam uses the technique of 75kVp and 75mAs @40in SID. Using these known values you may compare your x-ray machine radiation output with the National Average of 326mr (3.2mGy).
  • P+© was designed for the radiologic technologist to simply and quickly perform a QA routine at the beginning of the day or week. Use your technique for the 23cm AP Abdomen test and view the number of high contrast and low contrast objects in the image and document this on the plotting charts provided with the P+© phantom. This gives a simple ongoing QA Method of documentation and comparison with the national average radiation dose.
  • P+© phantom may also be used for lowering radiation dose to patients or optimizing the EI values in your digital system. The “object being to get patient exposures below the third NEXT quartile instead of above it and to maintain image quality appropriate to the exams”. (
  • Our P+© Peds phantom is equivalent to the National Average pediatric chest which is given as patient thickness measured P/A of 12.5cm (4.5in.) 15 month old and weighing 10.9kg (24lbs.).The average technique settings are 70 kVp and 2.9mAs. The average radiation dose is 5.4mr (.05mGy)
  • Also, the P+© phantom may be used for phototimer evaluations;
  • to check the light field / x-ray field alignment;
  • X-ray machine performance such as with EI values and ESE reduction techniques without affecting Image Quality.
  • QA performance is documented with Plotting Charts provided on thumb drive and come with the P+© phantom.
  • Think about it, wouldn’t it be great to see the results of your efforts in reducing patient radiation dose?
  • Wouldn't it be great to tell your patients when they ask "How much radiation am I getting?"
  • P+© phantom is comparably priced at $1199 which includes shipping within the contiguous U.S. states. Additional shipping to your country outside of the U.S. can be calculated for you.
  • We give discounts to Institutions which teach radiologic technologists as well as multiple price discounts as you wish.

I hope I have answered your questions. If not please contact me directly.
I am Steve Arey 704-640-5094 mobile.
Have a great day!

About Steve Arey

Steve Arey, Manager of Biomedical Equipment Service Technicians (BEST) of Rowan, LLC in Salisbury, NC, designed the P+ Visual Image Comparison QA Test Phantom which is described on this site. Arey has published articles about radiation safety and the effectiveness of using X-ray phantoms for preventing unnecessary radiation exposure.
In 1990 Arey became the first Certified Radiological Equipment Specialist in North Carolina and the 105th Internationally through the I.C.C.(International Certification Commission for Clinical Engineering and Biomedical Technology)

Steve Arey holds the following certifications, registrations and memberships:

  • Certified Diagnostic Imaging Instrumentation Specialist – Radiological Service Training Institute, Solon, Ohio
  • Certified Radiological Equipment Specialist - I.C.C. International Certification Commission for Clinical Engineering and Biomedical Technology
  • Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician - I.C.C.
  • Certified Biomedical Engineering Technician - Department of. Medicine & Surgery, Veterans Administration – Central Research Instrument Program
  • Airframe and Powerplant Rating License - #2222770 Federal Aviation Administration
  • Registrant, North Carolina Radiation Protection Section - Service Class II
  • Member, NFPA - National Fire Protection Association - Healthcare Section
  • Affiliate member, H7 Committee, Quality Assurance in Diagnostic X-ray, CRCPD, Council of Radiation Control Program Directors
  • Member, American Society of Radiologic Technologists #596859
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